Kunskapsskolan in brief

Kunskapsskolan operates 29 secondary schools for students between 10 to 15 years old under the name Kunskapsskolan.

Kunskapsskolan operates 7 upper secondary schools for students between 16 to 19 years old under the name Kunskapsgymnasiet.

10,000 students.

900 employees.

Kunskapsskolan is the leading independent school operator in Sweden.

Kunskapsskolan is open to all students.

The pupils do not pay any fees; all income comes from the national voucher system. This ensures that all independent schools operate with the same legal and financial conditions as public schools.

Our schools follow the national curriculum, participate in national tests and conform to the national grade system.

Kunskapsskolan is a company owned by Peje Emilsson, Investor and others.  

For more information please contact Cecilia Alpstig, Head of Information, direct phone
+46-8-506 910 25, e-mail cecilia.alpstig@kunskapsskolan.se